Why should I use Tallo 2.0?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023


Tallo 2.0 is designed to help early talent discover new opportunities, learn new skills, and make valuable connections with organizations looking for talent like you.

  1. Find the right career paths. You may not know about all the careers matching what you love. Our career match quiz lets you share more about yourself and see best-fit careers.
  2. Discover the right college or company. Colleges and companies are on Tallo to share who they are with you. View their profile pages, see why you may be a good match for them, and follow organizations you’re interested in.
  3. Learn new skills. Tallo’s new course library allows you to explore many courses and find ones that align with your interests or skill development goals.
  4. Get discovered. Colleges and companies can view your profile and reach out directly if they think you’re a good fit for them.
  5. Explore opportunities. Tallo will constantly recommend new, unique opportunities related to your interests, skills, and goals. You can review and apply all from Tallo!
  6. Gain guidance and recommendations. Through your Dashboard, Tallo will recommend unique career paths, courses, and opportunities aligning with your interests and goals. Additionally, tips and recommendations are provided on your profile to assist in showcasing the best version of yourself.
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