Why should I fill in my Profile?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023


Your Tallo profile lets you showcase everything about yourself and create your professional online presence. The information you include in your profile helps you share more about who you are and drives all recommendations provided by Tallo.

Your profile is also what gets you discovered. Colleges, companies, and other organizations in Tallo can search for individuals matching your skills, experiences, and interests. From there, they can view your profile, follow you, and reach out to share their opportunities.

Additionally, our resume builder tool is powered by your Tallo profile. This tool lets you select which sections of your profile to include in an automated resume that can be downloaded to a .PDF or .DOCX file.

By completing your profile, the most relevant matches and suggestions can be provided for scholarships, jobs, careers, and internships.

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