How does the Dashboard work?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023


The Dashboard is your Tallo home base. It's where you can gain guidance on how to make the most of Tallo, track your activity and profile growth, see our latest recommendations, and more. Your Dashboard includes the following sections:

Profile Growth

The better your profile, the better Tallo can match you with best-fit opportunities. When you grow with Tallo and complete more profile sections, you can level up and unlock new features and tools. As you progress, your profile growth level will advance from Sprout to Seedling, Bloomer, and Peak Bloom. On the way, your Dashboard will share the tasks and areas you need to complete to level up.

Recommended for You

This section of your Dashboard will share the latest opportunity, scholarships, career paths, and course recommendations for you to check out.


Any opportunities you've saved and applications you've completed will live here. This is also where you will find all your Nudges and messages sent to you by organizations on Tallo.

Recently Viewed

You can keep track of all recent activity on Tallo in this section!

Grow Your Network

Coming soon!

Your Dashboard also includes links to features you’ve unlocked, like the Resume Builder, your profile, goals, insights, and more.

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