How does Resume Builder work?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Tallo offers an easy and efficient resume-creation tool. Your Profile powers our Resume Builder tool, which allows you to generate a comprehensive resume that can be downloaded and shared.

To access the Resume Builder you must first complete the onboarding quiz and the recommended tasks on your Profile. After completing these tasks, you unlock the ability to build your resume!


Head to your Dashboard to start building your resume. In the Resume Builder, you can add or remove information from your Profile to be included in the resume generation.


A preview of your resume automatically generates so you can see what your resume will look like once complete. Then, you can export your resume into a PDF file and share it.


What is the purpose of the Resume Builder in Tallo? The Resume Builder allows you to create and customize your resume, showcasing your credentials, accomplishments, experience, skills, education, and more in a portfolio-style format.

Why can't I access the Resume Builder? To access the Resume Builder, you must first complete the onboarding quiz and the recommended tasks on your Profile. Upon completing these tasks, you will be able to access your resume from the Dashboard.

Can I personalize the information included in my resume for specific job opportunities? Yes, you can easily modify which fields to display on your resume to personalize the information for a specific job opportunity.

Is there a limit to the number of pages in the resume? No, you are not limited to one page for your resume. While we provide recommendations, you can optimize your resume and make it as long as necessary.

  • Tallo Tip: Based on industry best practices, we suggest keeping your resume to one page. This allows the reviewer to more easily understand your skills and qualifications while being sensitive to their time—they review a lot of resumes!

Can I preview my resume before finalizing it? You can preview your resume once you have completed the building process. The preview will allow you to see your resume's appearance before finalizing it.

How can I share or export my resume? You can export your resume to a PDF.

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