What kind of student data can I see from my organization's Analytics dashboard?

You can gain valuable insight on student groups through the Analytics dashboard such as: geographic location, education levels, gender ratio, career interests, and more.Your Analytics dashboard is defaulted to show data of students followed by your organization. You can select other student groups by doing the following:

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Select a student group from GROUPS on the upper-left hand side of the dashboard:
    1. Following (students that your organization is currently following on Tallo)
    2. Scholarships (students who have applied to a scholarship posting in ManageOpps)
    3. Jobs (students who have applied to an internal job posting in ManageOpps)
    4. Apprenticeships (students who have applied to an internal apprenticeship posting in ManageOpps)
    5. Internships (students who have applied to an internal internship posting in ManageOpps)
    6. Competitions (students who have applied to an internal competition posting in ManageOpps)
    7. Applications (students who have submitted an internal application posting in ManageOpps)
    8. Events (students who have applied to an internal event posting in ManageOpps)
    9. Saved Searches*

*You can add saved searches to your Analytics dashboard! Simply go to Search, load a saved search, and select Add to Analytics.