How do I save a search?

In the Search tool you have the ability to save a specific search result based on the combination of filters you used. The saved search can be accessed at any time and will include new talent users in the results based on the criteria you set and when the user joined Tallo or updated their profile information to match with the saved search.

To save a search:

  1. Go the Search tool in the main navigation bar
  2. Set your filters to identify the talent you are looking for
  3. In the Save Search section below the filters, give your saved search a name (ex: High School Seniors in Georgia)
  4. Your search is saved!

To activate a saved search:

  1. Click Clear All Filters to clear the search results
  2. Select Load Saved Search at the top of your screen
  3. Choose the saved search you wish to activate
  4. Your filters will automatically set and the latest search results will appear

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