How do I add videos to my profile?

You can add up to five videos to your college/company profile to share more about your campus, industry, culture, programs, and more. You can also designate a video to be your primary video. This will be the video that is displayed first on your profile.

To add a video to your Tallo profile, the video must first be uploaded to a YouTube or Vimeo account. You will need the sharable URL for the video you would like to add to your profile ready in order to link it to your account.

To add videos to your profile:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select the drop-down menu at the top of your account
  3. Click My Organization
  4. Choose Edit Profile
  5. In the Videos section, enter the URL for your video from YouTube or Vimeo in to the field provided and click the "+" icon. This will add the video to your profile
  6. To add another video, simply repeat the process. You may add up to five videos
  7. Click Save once completed

To indicate which video you want as your primary video, simply check the Primary box next to it. The video will be the first one displayed on your public-facing profile.

To remove a video, simply click the trashcan icon next to it - your video will be removed from your profile

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