How do I remove a tag from a talent profile?

You can remove a tag from a user or group of users at any time. Here's how:

Remove tags from a user from the search results

To remove a tag from a specific user or group of users from a talent search result:

  1. Go to Search
  2. Using the Tags filter, choose the tag you wish to view
  3. From the results list, click on the check box next to each user you wish to remove the tag from (You can select up to 25 at a time)
  4. Select the "TAG" icon at the top of the search results
  5. To remove a tag from a user, simply uncheck the box next to the tag listed in the Tagging Menu
  6. To remove all tags from a user, choose REMOVE ALL TAGS
  7. Select Close

You can also achieve this with individual users by viewing their profile and selecting the ADD TAG option in the floating action box. You can then repeat the steps above to remove a tag from the user.

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