How do I view talent users that I've tagged?

There are two ways that you can view talent users you've tagged:

View tagged talent from Search

To view tagged talent from the Search tool:

  1. Go to Search
  2. Click on the Tags filter
  3. Choose the tag or tags you wish to view
  4. Select Apply
  5. All users tied to the tags you chose will show up in the search results

View tagged talent from the Tagging Console

To view tagged talent from the Tagging Console:

  1. Click your main drop-down menu at the top right of your screen
  2. Select My Organization
  3. Click Tags from the options provided
  4. Under the Linked Users section for each tag, you should see the total number of users that have a tag applied to their profile. Click on it to activate a search that will show all users with that specific tag.

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