How do I view submissions to my opportunity on Tallo?

How to view applicants for opportunities, scholarships, or events in ManageOpps

  1. Select ManageOpps from the navigation bar
  2. Select ScholarshipsOpportunities, or Events from the drop-down
    1. Select Scholarships to view your scholarships postings
    2. Select Opportunities to view your apprenticeships, internships, job openings, volunteer positions, surveys, or general applications postings
    3. Select Events to view your events postings

  3. Click on the opportunity posting that you wish to view applicants for

  4. Select Export Submissions to export all responses or click on a submission to view individual responses. Note: you must select an individual response to view any required documents uploaded by the applicant.

  5. When viewing an individual response, click View Profile to learn more about the applicant or click Send Message to send them a direct message 
  6. Check Mark completed to change the applicant's status from Pending to ReviewedNote: you can also indicate if an applicant is a winner or is rejected, if applicable.

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