How do I post a custom opportunity on Tallo?

How to build a custom application in ManageOpps

  1. Select ManageOpps from the navigation bar
  2. Select ScholarshipsOpportunities, or Events from the drop-down
    1. Select Scholarships to post scholarship opportunities
    2. Select Opportunities to post apprenticeships, internships, job openings, volunteer positions, surveys, or general applications
    3. Select Events to post in-person or virtual events
  3. Select Add Opportunity (or "Add Scholarship" or "Add Event")
  4. Select the indicator that applicants should apply on Tallo

  5. Name your opportunity
  6. Provide a Description
  7. Select Opportunity Type (note: this field is not required for posting a scholarship or event)
    1. If your opportunity does not fit within the available categories, select "Application" for type
  8. Add Requirements by selecting the blue plus sign. Note: Adding requirements creates a checklist for applicants to complete before completing the application. This extra step ensures that applicants are aware of any qualifications that your opportunity might have. 
    1. Utilize the blue arrows to re-arrange your requirements or select the red minus sign to remove a requirement
  9. Add Custom Fields to your application to request specific information from applicants. 

  10. Type a question and select your question type
    1. Select File to create a field for applicants to upload documents 
    2. Select Link to create a field for applicants to add a link to a website 
    3. Select Video to create a field for applicants to add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video 
    4. Select Text to create a field for applicants to type a response 
    5. Select Multiple Choice to create a field for applicants select a response and click on Manage Choices to create your multiple choice options. 
      1. Check Allow multiple selections to give applicants the opportunity to select more than one answer 
    6. Select Yes/No to create a field for applicants to respond yes or no 
  11. Check Required to make a field mandatory 

  12. Utilize the blue arrows to re-arrange your custom fields or select the red minus sign to remove a custom field 

  13. Enter Application Start Date 
  14. Enter Application End Date (note: selecting "One Day Only?" or "Is Ongoing?" will remove the End Date field)
  15. Choose Edit Options
    1. Select Locked Submission to prevent applicants from editing their submission
    2. Select Remain Editable to allow applicants to edit their submission until the opportunity end date 
  16. If applicable, select Restrict Number of Winners and indicate the Number of Winners 

  17. Select Save at the bottom of the page to post your opportunity to Tallo

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