I can't see my rating or ranking at the top of my profile. Why is that?

There are a few reasons that this might happen. 

  1. You have selected to hide your rating and ranking. To showcase your rating and ranking, go to your dashboard and check the Rating and ranking public box within the top left box of your profile. It is now visible! 
  2. You haven't entered the standard criteria into your profile to become eligible for your rating and ranking. To become eligible you must have at least 75% of your profile complete and have entered at least one standardized test score such as the ACT, SAT, etc. 
  3. You missed the cut-off date for rating and ranking. We update our ratings and rankings a number of times per year. When we're getting ready to update, we let all students know so that they may get their profiles as completed and up-to-date as possible. If you did not do what was necessary to receive your rating and ranking, you will have to wait until the next update takes place. Don't be discouraged! Take advantage of this time period to improve your profile and make it as strong as possible.