How do I add my PLTW courses on Tallo?

PLTW students have the ability to showcase PLTW courses they're currently taking or have taken on their Tallo profile. To add a PLTW course:

  1. Go to the Education section of your profile
  2. Select the Edit icon
  3. Select Add A Course
  4. Select the school where you are taking or completed the course (You will need to add a school first in order to complete this step)
  5. Enter "PLTW" in course name and select your PLTW course from the options provided
  6. Choose the course weight
  7. Enter the grade earned in the course. You also have the option to choose Pass or Fail if you don’t wish to share a letter grade
  8. If you are currently enrolled in the course, select Enrolled (Remember to update the course upon completion!)
  9. Select the school year the course was completed or currently being taken
  10. Click Save
  11. Repeat the steps above to add another course

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