What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is your hub on Tallo for individualized guidance, resources, financial aid, and more. The information you share in your profile drives your dashboard and will update based on changes you make. The dashboard will:

Match you with scholarships and financial aid

Check out our monthly $1,000 Tallo scholarship and match with over $20 billion in financial aid through scholarship matching engine Red Kite.

Suggest helpful resources

Explore a curated collection of tools and resources to help you along your college and career journey.

Recommend college and career pathways

Learn more about specific college majors and careers paths we suggest based on your unique interests.

Introduce organizations on Tallo

Discover and view profiles of colleges, companies, and other organizations on Tallo looking for talent like you.

Plug you into our social media

Stay up-to-date with our Instagram, where we regularly share cool Tallo updates, insightful blog posts, scholarship announcements, and more.

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