How do I change my status to working professional or looking for work?

If you are entering the workforce or already a working professional, you can indicate this status on your Tallo profile. Doing so will let talent seekers know that you are currently working or actively looking for job opportunities.

If you are a working professional:

  1. Go to the Work Experience and Responsibilities section of your profile
  2. Click either the Add An Entry button or the “+” icon in the section banner
  3. Add your current job or work experience (Be sure to check the To The Present box to indicate your active status with the work experience)
  4. Check the Display this experience as your current status box
  5. Click Save
  6. Go to your current status on the left side of your profile. You will see that your job title and employer replaced your previous status. You are now a working professional on Tallo!

If you are looking for a job opportunity:

  1. Click Edit Status on the left side of your profile
  2. Choose Looking For Work in the Select Your Current Status drop-down
  3. Click Save
  4. You will see that Looking for Work replaced your previous status. You are now a job seeker on Tallo!

We also recommend that you update your next steps if you haven’t yet done so to reflect that you’re looking to Go Into The Workforce.

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