How do I show that I am homeschooled on my profile?

If you are currently homeschooled, you are able to add it to your Tallo profile.

To indicate that you are homeschooled:

  1. Go to the Education section of your profile
  2. Click either the Add An Entry button or the “+” icon in the section banner
  3. Click Add A School
  4. Choose the Middle School or High School education level
  5. Check the Homeschool box
  6. Choose your current status (attending, attended but didn’t graduate from, or graduated from)
  7. Select the state where you are being homeschooled
  8. If you are being homeschooled outside of the U.S., check the My homeschool is not in the U.S. box
  9. Choose your current grade level
  10. Choose the years you have been homeschooled
  11. Add the expected graduation month and year
  12. Add your grade point average (GPA) and indicate if it is on a 4.0 or 5.0 scale
  13. If you want homeschool to be displayed as your current status, check the Display attending this school as your current status box. This will update your status to a homeschooled student
  14. Click Save

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