How do I add an extracurricular activity or hobby to my profile?

You are most likely involved in activities and hobbies outside of school or work. These extracurriculars are important to showcase, as talent seekers want to know what you enjoy doing and what speaks to your character as an individual.

To add an extracurricular activity or hobby:

  1. Go to the Memberships, Extracurricular Activities & Hobbies section of your profile
  2. Click either the Add An Entry button or the “+” icon in the section banner
  3. Select a category that most aligns with the hobby you wish to add. If you don’t see a category matching your hobby, you can select View More Categories or just add your own
  4. Type in and select the name or type of activity. You can also type your own if you are unable to find the activity desired
  5. Add the start date and end date of your involvement with the activity. If you are currently participating, you can check the To The Present box
  6. Add a description of what you’ve done or are doing within the activity
  7. Add how much time you spent participating in the activity
  8. Add a description of what you’ve learned from your involvement with the activity
  9. Choose a soft skill that you’ve developed the most by participating in the activity
  10. If you have any files, projects, or web links that showcase your involvement with the activity, you can add them in the Supporting Files & Links section
  11. Click Save

A quick tip: When adding any activity or experience in your Tallo profile, it is always best to add as much information as you can. The more descriptive you are, the better colleges and companies looking for talent like you can learn about you and your abilities.

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