How do I share my account with a mentor/parent?

On Tallo, you have the ability to connect your account with a mentor or parent whom you’d like to provide oversight and guidance along your journey! You can do so by inviting them to your account.

Doing so will give them view-only access of your profile, dashboard, and other aspects of your Tallo account.

  1. Click the Share icon below your short bio on the left side of your profile
  2. Select Share With Mentor/Parent
  3. Select the Invitation Type (Mentor, or Parent)
  4. Add your mentor or parent’s email address in the field provided
  5. Click Send Invitation
  6. Select Done

The invitee will receive an email from Tallo with instructions on how to join and create a special Mentor account. They will then be able to view your profile and other account information.

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