How do I share my profile with others?

On Tallo, you have the ability to share your profile with others outside of the platform: colleges, companies, mentors, etc. by generating a link. The link is a custom URL that can be copied and shared with whomever you wish to review your Tallo profile. Whoever clicks the link will be taken directly to your profile.

You will receive a notification on Tallo whenever a specific link you created was clicked. You also have the option to delete a link you’ve already created. By doing so, the link becomes deactivated and those who have access to the link can no longer view your profile.

To create a shareable link:

  1. Click the Share icon below your short bio on the left side of your profile
  2. Select Create A Link
  3. Decide whether you want the link to allow your entire profile to be viewed or just a specific digital badge
  4. Give your link a unique name
  5. Select Create Link
  6. A custom URL assigned to your link will appear in the list below
  7. Click Copy to copy the URL link
  8. You can now share your link by pasting it into an email, text, etc

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