What is my Profile?

Your Tallo profile is where you show off. It’s your virtual presence that lets you showcase everything about yourself: accomplishments, videos, projects, test scores, certifications, and so much more.

Your profile is how talent seekers can learn more about you to see if you’re a good fit for any of their opportunities. We also use information in your profile to match you up with cool stuff we think you’d be interested in like scholarships, events, etc.

You, and only you, are in complete control of the information in your Tallo profile, and it can be updated at any time.

Your profile is live on Tallo 24/7/365 for talent seekers to discover you. You can also share your profile, and even make changes on the go with our mobile app.

Here are a couple of pro tips to make sure you get the most out of your profile:

Complete your profile

Complete your profile to the best of your ability. The more information you provide, the better the chances you will hit the radar of a college or company looking for someone just like you to share an opportunity of a lifetime.

Keep your profile up-to-date

Just graduated from high school? Getting ready to find your first job or internship? Looking to change your career? Make sure you are updating your profile often to reflect your future goals and plans, as well as your current status and any skills, experiences, and credentials you may be acquiring along the way.

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