Welcome to Tallo

Welcome to Tallo, where you can showcase your skills and discover opportunities that are the right fit for you! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Tallo:

Complete your profile

Your Tallo profile will drive everything from talent seekers finding you to matching you up with scholarships and job opportunities. The information you share—like career interests, location preferences, and videos—helps us serve up the right matches and connect you with colleges and companies who are perfect for you.

Keep your profile up-to-date

Just graduated from high school? Getting ready to find your first job or internship? Looking to change your career? Make sure you are updating your profile often to reflect your future goals and plans, as well as your current status and any experiences and credentials you may be acquiring on the way.

Share your profile

Not only can colleges and companies find you on Tallo, but you can share your profile with them as well. This can be achieved through generating a link or downloading your profile to a printable resume.

Check out your dashboard

Your dashboard provides helpful guidance and coaching based on the information you’re sharing in your profile. We share resources and career suggestions, and even match you up with over $20 billion in financial aid with scholarship matching engine Red Kite.

Be on the lookout for engagement

You will be notified of activity in Tallo like who’s viewed your profile or who followed you, so make sure to stay logged in and check out your notifications.

Get the Tallo mobile app

Keep your profile up-to-date and get notified of activity on the go with our mobile app.

Tallo is for everyone

Whether you’re attending middle school, high school, or college, or looking for your next big career opportunity, Tallo is made just for you. Our job is to match you with relevant opportunities that make sense for you and what your future goals and plans may be. 

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